Best Leather Airpds Case With Custom Engraving Name On (2022)

Reasons for Getting a Personalized Protective Case Cover for Your AirPods 

You've got the amazing AirPods   and probably want to keep them around for a long time. Well, you're going to need a sturdy case for that! 

custom leather airpod case

Here are the most important things you need to know first!

Protection From Dust, Dings, and Scratches

Apple AirPods have a beautiful shiny white case that can have stains and scratches all over it the moment you start using it. So in order to protect your precious AirPods 3, you need a protective case cover that will keep it safe from dust, scratches, and dings. Also, not just any case but one that fits perfectly, so no corners remain open for dust.

Safe From Accidental Impacts and Drops

Dropping your expensive AirPods 3 without any protective cover will result in apparent damage. Therefore, you need a protective case cover that offers superior protection against accidental impacts and drops to ensure the safety of your AirPods.

Protection Against Water Damage

Accidents like water spills happen frequently, and your AirPods 3 are prone to water damage if they don’t have a waterproof case cover. A silicon case cover for your AirPods will stay safe against water damage while on your desk or in your bag.

A Stylish Look

A protective case cover doesn’t only keep your AirPods safe but also looks stylish. There are many designs in different colors available that you can choose from and match your unique style. They also offer a comfortable grip and smooth feel, so you can hold your AirPods safely without the fear of them slipping from your hands.

Attachable KeyChain Hooks

AirPods are tiny even with their case, which makes them prone to being lost. Therefore they need an attachable keychain hook that can be linked to your purse, bag, or any other accessory to avoid misplacing them. A quality case cover will have an attachable keychain hook that you can use to have your AirPods 3 on you at all times.

A Custom Name Logo on it

Popular things about AirPods are always the same, but how to find your own personality in fashion, personalized customization is the best solution. Some companies with business acumen will provide such products and services

Popular AirPod Case Covers from store online

1. AirPods 1 /2 PRO Custom Name Engraving Case – $19.99

custom leather airpod case

Key Features:

  • Made By Genuine Leather
  • Custom Name Free Engraving 
  • Stylish Design
  • Perfect-Fit
  • All-round Protection

Colors Available:

Red, Blue, Brown, Coffee.


Now that you know why you should get an AirPod 3 case cover and some of the best case covers by ESR, you need to decide which style and color you like best for the on-the-go protection of your exquisite AirPod 3.

We recommend the AirPods 3 (2022)Custom Genuine Leather Case by ESR that’s just for $19.99 and offers custom name engraving and  high-force impacts that can keep your fragile AirPods 3 safe for a long time. It will prove to be a lifeline for your AirPods and enable you to let go of your worries of damaging them.

Let us know in the comments below what you love about your AirPods 3 and what precautions you take to keep them safe? We would love to hear from you!

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