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Auto Alignment iPhone Screen Protector Easy-install Apple iPhone 14 Screen Protector

Auto Alignment iPhone Screen Protector Easy-install Apple iPhone 14 Screen Protector

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Auto Alignment Kit Screen Protector with easy-install mounter

Product Information

iPhone glass screen protector

iPhone Privacy Screen Protector with Mounting Box is specially designed for iPhone Series. With 7 positioning holes on the top protective film, the screen protector precisely fit the phone screen. Moreover, the mounting box is made of environmentally friendly materials, and it can be reused thousands of times.

10X protection for iPhone

This glass screen protector with 9H tempered glass provides 10-time protection than normal tempered glass. What’s more, its NANO coating can absorb shock and anti-fingerprint.

Dust & bubble-free installation

The auto-alignment screen protector mounting box for iPhone can avoid dust and air bubbles because the installation process is sealed.

Electrostatic dust removal

Static electricity is generated on the plastic film when pull out of the release film. Static electricity has the property of attracting light and small objects. Therefore dust on the screen will be adsorbed to the release film and taken out together. In addition, the box is sealed, which also isolates the dust, which is truly a dust-free film.

HD Clear/Privacy Glass Protector

  • 0.3mm 9H tempered glass ensures the original clarity of the screen. Or you can choose privacy glass, which uses the shutter principle to support 28° anti-peeping.

What’s in the Box


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